Ending procrastination

After procrastinating for 10 years, I’ve finally decided to create a personal blog and write my first blog-post.

The first time I decided to write a blog was some time around in 2009 when I was starting to get interested in computer programming and was combing my way through ‘My code outputs segmentation fault no matter what I do’. In the last decade, I’ve only become dumber with gaining education from accredited institutions and have successfully procrastinated putting off this blog. There were moments in this journey when I thought, this is an interesting way to look at this problem, maybe I should write about it, but it never happened.

Now to make myself feel better, I’ve come up with some (unreasonable) reasons as to why this has happened for so long. Here are some of the top ones that I’m willing to admit:

Writing skills

My writing is terrible. That’s a fact and I’ve always been intimidated by writing in public, but I guess it is time to overcome this fear.

I’ve always appreciated good writing and been aware of the importance of being able to communicate well but the engineer in me has always gotten better of me. That changes today. (The monkey is laughing at me right now as I type this out).

What to blog about?

I still don’t have a good reason. I annoy people with my opinions and reasoning in real life already and repeating it on the Internet is not helping humanity in any way. I’ve not found a good answer to this question yet. I’ll figure this out as I make progress.

Setting up the blog

Being a programmer, believe it or not, but this has been the hardest part. It takes me 30 minutes to center a div on a page, so you can imagine my frustration when I’ve to think about setting up a blog! What the heck is wrong with you? Just use Medium or Blogger and call it a day. Ummm, it is not that simple. As a computer programmer, I need complete control and author the entire system by myself. Why? I guess I like getting frustrated, pulling my hair out, and then untangle the mess (only to repeat the cycle). This is the IKEA effect making its way into the brains of a programmer. I’ve somehow managed to work through this, let’s see how long it takes me before I go back to rewriting this blogging system (for the wrong reasons).

Although I resolve to not procrastinate any further and write more, let’s see how it goes. For now, the monkey has appeared in the form of a Hacker News thread. 😀


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